Investment in the Aquaculture sector

Invest in the Aquaculture sector

The Colombian aquaculture sector is considered as one of the most organized and respectful of environmental and health regulations of the country industries; Colombian shrimp have access to almost all countries, exporting more than 80% of national production to the United States and Europe.

Colombia is free from hurricanes and typhoons and is close to the main consumption hubs. In addition, due to a lack of seasons, weather and water temperature are fairly constant, making production possible all year round.

  • The total land area of Colombia is 2'070,480 Km2, distributed in 1'141,748 km2 of land area and 928,660 km2 of sea area.
  • It is a tropical country with stable temperatures. It has 1,600 kilometers of coastline in the Caribbean Sea and 1,300 kilometers in the Pacific Ocean.
  • The rivers are located within five hydrographic areas: Caribbean, Pacific, Amazon, Orinoco and Catatumbo, where major rivers have an area of 9,341 km.

These are some of the reasons to invest in the aquaculture sector in Colombia. Here you can learn in detail about all of these opportunities and more reasons why to make Colombia the chosen destination for your projects.

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Investment Opportunities

  • Reusing and restoring infrastructure and areas previously used in shrimp harvesting along the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines which have proven worthwhile cost effective in the past.
  • Mariculture projects, mainly along the Caribbean coastline, with perfect climatic conditions, water temperature and other factors well-suited for these kinds of initiatives and which, thanks to Colombia's strategic location, enjoy competitive advantages in reaching foreign markets, including that of the United States.
  • Strategic alliances with local fish farmers who want to improve their production capabilities and increase or build manufacturing plants to meet the domestic demands and have surplus stock for exportation of both fresh and processed products.


Learn about the principal regions with opportunities for investment in the Shrimp-farming sector:

  • Antioquia
  • Boyacá
  • Caquetá
  • Casanare
  • Cundinamarca
  • La Guajira
  • Huila
  • Meta
  • Nariño
  • Cordoba
  • Putumayo
  • Santander
  • Sucre
  • Tolima
  • Valle

These are only some of the reasons to invest in the Shrimp-farming Sector, we invite you to learn in detail these and more reasons why Colombia is the destination for your projects.

Investment Specialist: Iván Delgado

Carlos Sánchez

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