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Antioquia - Medellin: Colombia’s industrial capital

  • Average Weather: 23 ° C
  • Population of Antioquia (Department) 2014: 6.456.299 inhabitants
  • Population of Medellin and the Metropolitan Area 2014: 3.777.009 inhabitants
  • Department GDP 2014: USD 50.966 million
  • Medellin 2014 GDP per capita: USD 8.489
  • Antioquia Area: 63,612 km2
  • Medellin Metropolitan Area: 1,158 km2

Reasons To Invest

  • Geo-strategic location in the Americas: Antioquia is close to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and equidistant from the major urban centers of Colombia. It has the second largest area in the Caribbean Sea coast of Colombia with 323 km in the Gulf of Urabá.
  • Growing, dynamic and competitive economy: Medellín with a GDP of USD 30.137 million in 2014 accounted for 7.9% of national GDP. Likewise, its GDP per capita grew 4.3% according to the "Global Metro Monitor" study at the Brookings Institution, surpassing cities such as Manchester, Singapore, Beijing, Bangalore and Shanghai.
  • Industrial and export economy: In 2013 Antioquia's GDP was USD 41.2 billion, accounting for 13.1% of national GDP. Antioquia recorded the best performance in non-oil exports in Colombia, with 19.7% share. It exports about 20% of the manufacturing production in the country.
  • Medellin is projected to 2021 as the capital of innovation in Latin America: Medellin is the only city in the country with a Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation (CT+I) as a public policy with a budget of $ 240 million by 2021.One strategy that accompanies this city project is the development of the unique technology district of Colombia, called MEDELLINNOVATION, with an area of 3 km2 where national and international companies may be installed. Companies whose wish is to be at the heart of the innovation ecosystem of the city.
  • International Positioning: these are some of the most recent awards and recognitions of the city. 
    According to the "Global Metro Monitor" at the Brookings Institution, in 2014 Medellín was the Latin American city with the best economic performance per capita, ranking among the top fifty worldwide (position 46).
    In 2013 won the contest "City of the Year" in the Wall Street Journal, sponsored by Citigroup in partnership with the Urban Land Institute, aimed at recognizing the most innovative urban centers in the world.
  • Quality Of life: According to the Network of Cities, How are we doing? (2014), Medellín has the highest percentage of inhabitants satisfied with the city they live in (85%).
    It has the most efficient integrated public transport system formed by Metro, Metrocable, Metroplús(BRT), public bicycles and Tram (under construction).

Potential Sectors

  • Agribusiness: Cocoa; horticulture
  • Manufacturing: Textile and Fashion; construction; automotive; energy; Aircraft.
  • Services: Cinema; Software and IT Services; health; biotechnology; Hospitality and Tourism Infrastructure.


Success Stories

  • Team International (2014) - IT Project:
    Team International is an American company in the software developing business. It installed its Operations Center in the Technology District Medellínovation in the city of Medellín in 2014.
    This operations center will serve as support of software development for customers in the United States.
    Medellín was chosen for having the necessary human talent in engineers and technologists with expertise in programming and testing.
  • Avianca (2015) - Aeronautical Project:
    Avianca is one of the leading airlines in Latin America. It will install an aircraft repair and maintenance center in the Jose Maria Cordova Airport, which serves the city of Medellín in 2015.
    The MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) will occupy an area of 44,300 square meters and will generate over 600 direct jobs. It can attend simultaneously four single aisle aircrafts or two wide body. This way, Avianca bets on the projection of an aviation hub for the competitive advantages of the region in logistics and public-private partnerships.
  • CEMEX (2015) - Mining Project / Manufacturing:
    CEMEX is a global leader in the industry of materials for construction. It will build a new cement plant in the municipality of Maceo, Antioquia in 2015-16.
    With the construction of the new cement plant, the company will increase its production capacity in Colombia from 4.5 to about 5.5 million tons per year. The investment is approximately USD 340 million and will generate 1,000 direct jobs.
  • Protema (2015) - Manufacturing Project:
    Protema is a Chilean company specialized in manufacturing components for kitchens, stoves, refrigerators and gas tables. It will build a hinges factory in the metropolitan area of Medellín.
    With this project this Chilean manufacturer seeks to strengthen its relationship with national household appliances industries to generate synergies in production and logistics costs.

Rionegro Free Zone

  • Modern industrial park developed and consolidated, with extensive and pleasant green areas. Located in the municipality of Rionegro, Antioquia, on the east side of the runway of the international airport Jose Maria Cordova and at 30 km from the city of Medellín.
  • In one of the fastest growing areas of the region. It has skilled labor in the industry, excellent security, a beautiful landscape, hotel services, hospital services and educational institutes of high level.
  • It is connected to the city of Medellín and its metropolitan area through four different routes, which will be complemented with the east tunnel, which is already under construction.
  • The park has excellent public services and has its own water treatment systems and wastewater treatment registered and monitored by the Super-servicios and CRA.
  • The park has an energy block purchasing mechanism at a 44kV level, so that the user can access to a more affordable energy.
  • With the presence of excellent providers of telecommunications services and data transmission through optical fiber and / or satellite.
  • Building infrastructure with excellent features and variable areas starting from 240 m2.
  • Availability of banking and logistics services, presence of SENA (technical training) and restaurants.

Carlos Mesa
0574 561 2233 x104
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


International Free Zone Aburrá Valley SAS UOZF - ZOFIVA

Industrial park with an area of 207,000 m2 located in the municipality of Caldas Antioquia, a major highway interchange, just 17 km from the Neighborhood Poblado in Medellín.

  • Excellent location, 500 Km Buenaventura, 755 Km Barranquilla, Cartagena 687 Km, 399 Km and 700 Km Bogota Cucuta.
  • Fast investment recovery to be incorporated into major road projects as "Highway for Prosperity", which makes it an essential stop in trade that reaches south from Medellín.
  • Modern e-franco® software, designed to control the operations of entry and exit of goods and inventories of goods of free zones users, supported by the DIAN.
  • Availability of urbanized lots and warehouses in the form of sale and / or lease with areas from 400 m2 to 1,500 m2 for warehouses and lots from 1,000 m2, with the option to join and expand these areas according to the needs of our customers.
  • An administrative building that will feature seven shops on the first level, a second level with the offices of the DIAN and the user operator and three more levels with 8 offices per floor.
  • Free Zone allied to the ZONA FRANCA DE BARRANQUILLA S.A U.O.Z.F. user operator with over 20 years of experience from the successful management of 2.2 million m2 of Free Zones since 1993.

Claudia Marcela Suarez Velez
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+57 (4) 5403840

Zabrina Ospina
Commercial Director
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+57 311 320 9506
+57 310 411 7053


Urabá´s Free Trade Zone

Urabá's permanent free zone is located in the municipality of Apartadó, to the West of the department of Antioquia, the best corner of America.

  • At 18 km from the nearest with greater economic and social progress maritime terminal in the Gulf of Urabá. It is located at the crossroads of major sea and land routes in America, 300 kilometers from Medellín and Bogotá 739, by road it is the shortest route to reach the Atlantic from the center and the provinces.
  • The latest generation Industrial Park with an area of 258.711 m2 declared Zone, with an area reserved for future expansion.
  • With an infrastructure of utilities with the quality standards required to be operated by EPM: water supply, drainage, electricity, natural gas and telecommunications. It is committed to protecting the environment by having independent storm water runoff drainage.
  • Availability of urbanized lots in the form of sale and / or lease, according to the estate of each client.


Apartadó (574) 828 70 50
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