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Valle del Cauca - Cali: Colombia’s doorway to the Pacific

  • Average weather: 25°C
  • Population in Valle del Cauca 2015: 4.613.684 inhabitants
  • Population in Cali 2014: 2.369.821 inhabitants
  • Valle del Cauca GDP 2014: US$ 35.292 million
  • Valle del Cauca GDP per capita 2014: US$ 7.728
  • Valle del Cauca Surface Area: 22.140 Km2
  • Cali Surface Area: 552 km2

The capital of the Valle del Cauca department is currently considered the third most important city in Colombia.

Strategically located in the South-West of the country, Cali is found within reach of the Buenaventura marine port, the most important ocean exit in Colombia, which connects the country to the Pacific basin.

The main industries in this area are rubber, chemicals, furniture manufacturing, paper, and milling. Because it is one of the main sugar cane producers in the world, the area hosts the most important sugar mills in the country; in addition to this the area promotes the development of the biofuels sector.

Investment opportunities in the region can be found in service outsourcing, cosmetics and hygiene products, agribusiness, and hotel and tourism infrastructure.

Known as “the Branch of Heaven” (“la Sucursal del Cielo”), the city is also famous for the traditional Cali Fair. Since 1957, this event has brought together Colombians and foreigners to celebrate the end of the year an abundace of color, music, and culture.

Reasons To Invest

  • Average GDP growth just under 4% in the last decade, Valle del Cauca is an important economical and industrial region in Colombia.
  • Qualified and available talent: 132,502 students graduated in Valle del Cauca over the last 9 years in different higher education programs.
  • There are two seaports on the Pacific Ocean in Buenaventura, 120 kilometers (74 miles) away from Cali. Known as the main Latin American seaport on the Pacific Ocean, the Buenaventura Seaport, hauls 28% of the country’s cargo, operating 990 maritime export frequencies.
  • Cali has a leading manufactured goods-related duty-free zone, a service-related duty-free zone; 3 permanent special duty-free zones and 1 extended duty-free zone.
  • Cali came in tenth in 2011 in a ranking of the 41 destinations to travel to recommended by the New York Times.

Potential Sectors


Business opportunities in the fields of biofuel and forestry.


  • CENICAÑA (Colombian Sugarcane Research Center) technical and business support.
  • High levels of productivity: 9,000 liters of ethanol per hectare (962 gallons per acre) a year.

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  • The area has an altitude range from between 1000 and 2000 meters (3,280 - 6,560 feet) AMSL, suitable for oak, walnut, cedar, eucalyptus and pine tree growing.

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Qualified labor:

  • More than 5,180 industry-related college graduates in the last decade.
  • Research and Development Centers:There are diverse agro-industry related research organizations and centers in the region:
    • Corporación Colombiana de Investigación Agropecuaria – Corpoica
    • International Tropical Agriculture Center – CIAT
    • Orchard Research Center – Cenihf
    • Corporation for the Development of Biotechnology – BIOTEC Corporation
    • Colombian Sugarcane Research Center – CENICAÑA
    • Center for the Research of Sustainable Agriculture and Livestock Production Systems – CIPAV



Cosmetics and Toiletries

Business opportunities in distribution, research, development and production centers.

  • Qualified labor - More than 4,200 industry-qualified graduates in the last decade.
  • 47 packaging companies supplying the cosmetics industry - representing 10% of the nation´s total.
  • Research and Development centers as support to the industry - such as CIAT; and a network of universities and innovation hubs, like INBIOTECH.
  • Strategic geographical location - Excellent export platform for the Pacific Ocean basin.
  • Buenaventura Seaport - the main Latin American seaport on the Pacific Ocean. 2010 cargo flow: 9,604,026 tons.
  • TCBuen: Large Buenaventura container terminal, operating since 2010.

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  • Telecommunication Suppliers: 23 suppliers that offer dedicated internet access, with an installed capacity of 175,000 Mbps.
  • Easy access to different technologies: optic fiber, satellite, xDSL, cable and microwave infrastructure.
  • 11 telephone and internet service providers with more than 1,500,000 installed ground lines 900,000 in service.
  • Research and Development Centers:
    • ParqueSoft: The most important cluster of digital art, science, and technology related services in Colombia.
    • Umbría Technological Park: A high level organization for the development of productive projects with a positive social and economical impact for companies, educational institutions, NGOs, government organizations and general population.

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Hotel Infrastucture and Tourism

  • Cali boasts the most modern event venue in the country, “Centro de Eventos Valle del Pacífico”.
  • More than 290 domestic flights and 55 international flights to America and Europe per week.

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Vacation Tourism

  • Religious Tourism: Tour around Cali's Churches and Buga's Basilica.
  • Salsa Music: Widely known as “the World’s Capital of Salsa Music”.
  • Fairs and Holidays: “La Feria de Cali” takes place in December every year.
  • Nature tourism and nautical sports: Eco-tourism and adventure sports in natural parks and ecological trails in astonishing places like Lago Calima and the Rio Pance.
  • At the Pacific Ocean: Humpback whale sighting from July to November.
  • Congresses, Conventions and Golf: Three 18-hole and two 9-hole golf courses.
  • Magical Experiences: Hacienda El Paraíso, salsa dancing classes, party nights at Delirium or at Salsa Cabaret.
  • Important Major Events: Panpacific, AICO, and Cali Exposhow.


Success Stories

  • Telemark: Leading Spanish contact center companies; operating in Colombia since 2009. Focusing on customer assistance and telemarketing services in the Spanish-speaking market.
  • Direct TV – Telecenter Panamericana: Cali was chosen by Direct TV for its low operating costs. Affordable salaries (20% lower than Bogotá’s; Cali’s staff turnover is 2.5%, while Bogotá’s is 3%). The cost per square meter in Cali averages USD $11 (approximately USD $1.02 per square foot), while in Bogotá it averages USD $20 (approximately USD $1.86 per square foot). Additionally, talented human resources are readily available in the city. Customer services provided in Cali is considered to be the best in the country.
  • Venus Colombiana S.A.: The Ecuadoran company decided to establish footwear producing operations for the Colombian market. Currently located in the industrial zone of the Yumbo Municipality.
  • Amcor: Australian multinational company in the plastics industry. This company opened its plant in the Palmaseca Duty-Free Zone in 2006 with a total surface area of 1,500 m2 (16,146 square feet). Today, it has more than 9,000 square meters (96,875 square feet) assigned to the production of PET bottles and containers.
  • Winpack: Chilean based global company producing all types of packaging materials. It was established in Palmaseca Duty-Free Zone in 2009.
  • Unilever: This English company opened central offices for Latin America and the Andean Region, as well as its distribution center in Valle del Cauca; the initial investment of USD $31.5 million, creating 300 new jobs.
  • Citi Group: This American Bank invested USD $9.4 million in Cali.
  • Cadbury: English multinational company , specialized in confectionery products, invested $7,000 million COP in their industrial facility expansion in Cali. your social media marketing partner


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