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Colombia hosts the 2011 IAOP Latin American Outsourcing Summit

The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) and the National Business Association of Colombia (ANDI) have joined to unite outsourcing professionals at the first IAOP Latin American Outsourcing Summit.


Gartner Identifies Colombia as One of the Top 30 Countries for Offshore Services

Gartner, Inc. is a world-class information technology research and advisory company that works with corporations, government agencies, technology investors and service firms to research, analyze, and interpret business possibilities in countries that would best host outsourced operations.



The Spanish shipping group TCB, dedicated to maritime transport, announced its global expansion plan over the next five years, one of the greatest projects that the group will develop will be the construction and management of a terminal in Buenaventura-Colombia.

Portafolio, 19th October 2010

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New president of PROCOLOMBIA

María Claudia Lacouture takes over as the new president of PROCOLOMBIA

María Claudia Lacouture takes over as the new president of PROCOLOMBIA “PROCOLOMBIA must perform a more protagonist role in executing the government strategy focused on job growth and formalizing the economy,” declared Lacouture.


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