Opportunities of Investment in the Caribbean Region for the Cosmetics and Toiletries Industry -Bolívar, Atlántico y Magdalena-

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Distribution Centers

  • Geographical strategic location - Excellent Logistic Exporting Capacity into the Atlantic Ocean
  • Port of Cartagena (Bolivar) - Movement of Load 2010: 12.317.026 Tons - 35 % of the national total. 1.756 maritime frequencies. It has been winning 5 times of the Prize to the Most competitive Port of the Caribbean
  • Barranquilla's Port (Atlantic Ocean) - Movement of Load 2010: 4.117.649 Tons - 12 % of the national total. 620 maritime frequencies. Port Multiintention that relies on 2 wharves that they allow to handle all kinds of load
  • Port of Santa Marta (Magdalena) - Movement of Load 2010: 6.619.194 Tons - 19 % of the national total 344 maritime frequencies. Specialized in bulk cargo and refreshed load

Duty-free zones

  • 4 Declared Duty-free zones
  • 6 Permanent Duty-free zones
  • 11 Permanent Special Duty-free zones
  • 2 Duty-free zones with Concept of viability (unresolved) and 1 declaratory unresolved
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