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juan guillermo perezThe role of PROCOLOMBIA as a Promotion Agency is to attract Foreign Direct Investment which translates into production of goods and services in Colombia. In this sense, we do not offer services for those interested in commercializing products or services in the country.

The following form has been created as a point of reference between you and PROCOLOMBIA, in order to facilitate the support in the investment procedure, expansion and consolidation in our country. We invite you to fill it in:

In PROCOLOMBIA we attend companies, legal persons and national entities and foreigners who are interested in the direct investment in Colombia.

For the nature of our activities, we do not attend requirements of investment of natural persons.

If You are a corporate investor, we invite you to fill out our form of contact. your social media marketing partner


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Proexport Colombia  is the bureau in charge of tourism, foreign investment and export promotion in Colombia.

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